I attended a recent concert.  How do I get the recording? 

All recordings come as "concert download packages" and will be put on our concerts page and available for download within one week following a performance.  You can either redeem a pre-purchased download code (typically bought at the event) or use a credit card.  Our system is designed for ease of use requiring no specialized software or technical knowledge.  Step by step instructions on how to burn your own CDs are included in each download package.

What  is included in a concert download package? 

Concert download packages include mp3s ready to add to a digital music library, as well as a  CD master and custom "CD Maker" app that allows customer to burn CDs from their PC or Mac home computer.  Clients may also chose to add other files to the package, e.g., a copy of the concert program or pictures.  For an example, see the Nomad Sample CD on our concerts page.

What is Digital Product Delivery? 

With Digital Product Delivery (DPD), CD masters and other files are combined into a "concert download package" and downloaded from our concerts page,  Patrons are then able to burn CDs from their home PC or Mac computer.  This approach has three benefits:

  1. It avoids the cost associated with duplicating physical CDs, and opens up a range of e-commerce options for partners to sell their music directly to patrons as part of fundraising campaigns.  
  2. The recordings are available much more quickly.  Instead of waiting weeks for CD duplication and shipping, music is available within one week and often within two days.
  3. If a CD is lost or damaged, patrons can reopen the download package contents to simply burn another copy.

Is Digital Product Delivery complicated?  Is there math involved?

No math, we promise!  Try downloading our free sample package and see for yourself.

What are technical details of your music files?

  • CD masters are redbook standard (i.e., 16 bit, 44.1 kHz) and are linked to a custom CD Maker application that is designed for ease of use and requires no installation of any software.  The master includes CD text with artist, track, and album names.   
  • Mp3 files are encoded at 224 kbps - very high quality that is nearly CD quality.  The mp3s are tagged with information such as artist, track, and album names.  Just drag the folder to your iTunes library or other music folder and enjoy.

What's involved in a joint production?

Elements of a typical joint production are:

  • Nomad and our partner collaborate to advertise and sell individual concert download codes to patrons during the event (Nomad provides necessary equipment for accepting cash or credit card payments).
  • A few days after the event, patrons go to Nomad's concerts web page, click on the appropriate concert and enter their download codes to download the concert package.  Those who want to buy the concert package but do not already have a download code can make a credit card payment online.
  • We share the proceeds.

Do I need a license to distribute my music? 

Licenses are not required to distribute archival recordings (e.g., providing copies to choir members for personal use).  For clients who want to sell their recordings, you may need a licence depending on whether the composition and arrangement are in the public domain.  We can work with you to secure any necessary music licensing.